Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Importance of Practical Experience in Clinical Nursing Essay

Importance of Practical Experience in Clinical Nursing - Essay Example A lot of challenges face nurses in the field today as regards the extraction of information from the patients. As Kurtz, Silverman, & Draper, (2005) mentions, closely intertwined and vivid explanations of the undertakings need to be clearly outlined in order to deduce the correct mechanisms for arresting the situation. Failure to achieve this often leads to misappropriation of the necessary measures and steps for various problems (Seidal, Ball, Dains, & Benedict, 2010). This paper as a reflection on my personal experience as a practicing nurse in the medical field, it addresses my encounter with a patient I attended to who had an eye injury following blunt trauma and was quite distressed as he was in pain and unable to see out of the eye initially. As a practicing nurse, this was the most trying moment of my life. I confess having not experienced such incidences before and dealing with the condition above was a great challenge yet a greater opportunity to learn much on how to deal with various traumatizing medical issues that I am yet to face in the course of my practice. I had been taught of the various instances of trauma in various categories of patients but did not get a practical system to strengthen and seal fast the theoretical applications. Having met the patient was the most fulfilling part of my life that I cannot easily forget. I was terrified at the sight of the patient upon his reception and especially when I was included in the team of nurses who were to attend to him. Trauma according to medical research is one of the most endearing factors in human life. Several outcomes are expected in different patients depending on the various ways in which the patient or persons close to the patient help him or her in managi ng the trauma (Springhouse, 2008). Having acquired serious musculoskeletal injuries, the patient had experienced serious infection on his left eye leading to its immediate loss.

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